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Undesirable Industries

The title of this post should really be 'Undesirable industries for me' because what I'm talking about are the types of industries that I exclude from further analysis, after I have performed my initial stock screen. These are stocks that I don’t want to invest in, for one reason or another, but...


Growth & Value

Following on from my two previous posts, I had a question from a student who asked how I combine growth and value into a stock-picking strategy. Although what follows is repeating some of my earlier posts I think it's worth putting it all together so that you can see the overall process. First...


What is value?

When thinking about value in the stock market I tend think about stocks like commodities, such as groceries or clothing. If they're good value then I'll buy them. If they're not good value then I won't. If the item is on sale then I may buy it. If the price of the item has been pushed up because...


What is growth?

When talking about growth companies I'm often asked what I mean by growth and how do I screen stocks for it. When I'm investing in a stock I try to imagine that I'm buying the business as a whole and I think about what I would like to grow in the business over time. Is it assets like plant and...


Value Growth Investing (VGI) Academy

As you may already know I'll be releasing my VGI Academy in the next few months. This is a paid course and membership site that goes into more detail about my value growth investing method and will give you access to my VGI spreadsheet so that you can perform your own analysis on companies that...